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AWS Containerization With Mission Cloud

Modernize applications for rapid iteration & increased developer productivity


Building software in a cloud environment can present new complexities and challenges for even the most seasoned developers. The modernization of your AWS cloud environment through containerization allows for more productivity through the efficient deployment of applications.  

Mission Cloud is an AWS Premier Tier Services Partner experienced in the implementation of Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) and Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS). We build modern cloud environments that allow you to see more productivity from your developers.

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Benefits of AWS Containerization With Mission Cloud

Accelerating your business objectives through strategic containerization

Containerization with Mission Cloud enables cloud-native architectures and offers you these benefits:


Improve Developer Efficiency

With AWS containerization from Mission Cloud, your developers are focused on building the application, rather than managing the compatibility requirements of different environments. This allows for a more efficient application development process.


Automated Deployments

AWS containerization through Mission Cloud allows for improved continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines. This allows for automated steps in the software delivery process, such as initiating automatic builds, and deploying to Amazon EC2 instances.


Simplified Management & Operations

Using Amazon’s cloud-native containerization services, ECS and EKS, Mission Cloud can help your business to simplify management and operations within your cloud environment.



Containerization enables cloud-native architectures that are highly elastic to ensure excellent customer experience during peak loads.


Agility & Accelerated Time-to-Market

Containers improve your developer efficiency and agility, enabling rapid iteration and shortening your time to market.

Our AWS Containerization Process

Access the benefits of containerization with our proven process

Our containerization process involves four segments: discovery, engineering, automation, and orchestration.


Our team works to analyze your current workload to assess the scope of the job.


Our team of expert cloud engineers will transform your workload to be fully containerized.


Our engineers will automate your build, test, provisioning, and deployment process to streamline your application development lifecycle.


Mission Cloud will automate the management, scaling, and networking of your containerized workloads by leveraging AWS’ native container orchestration services, EKS or ECS.

We Have an Experienced Team of Engineers that Understand Containerization

Partner with a team of experts in containerization on AWS

Containerizing an application can be a complex and intimidating undertaking for any business. Mission Cloud's cloud experts have the experience and skills to assist you in determining which container solution, ECS or EKS, best meets your needs. We work with you to guide a successful containerization project from start to finish, from automating the provisioning, deployment, and management of your containerized applications.


Writable, which provides online services that assess and monitor the writing growth of students, wanted to create more time to focus on strategic IT initiatives by automating DevOps processes and ensuring its IT infrastructure in the cloud could easily scale up and down according to workload demands. By turning to Mission Cloud for its Cloud Foundation and ongoing Cloud Elevate services, Writable was able to move its applications off of Microsoft Azure and deploy a new infrastructure on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The new cloud environment features containerized microservices, infrastructure-as-code (IaC), and a CI/CD pipeline that leverages several AWS services—including AWS Fargate serverless compute resources and Amazon Elasticsearch Service to analyze logs.

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