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AWS Windows Workloads

Optimize your Windows Workloads with AWS


Build Robust, Compliant Solutions In The Cloud

Mission is an AWS Managed Service Provider and AWS Partner Network (APN) Premier Consulting Partner with demonstrated expertise helping customers migrate and run Microsoft workloads in AWS. We also help businesses modernize their Windows applications by upgrading them to the latest versions of Microsoft Windows and MS SQL. AWS helps customers lower their overall costs of running Windows in the cloud with a comprehensive family of EC2 instances, and we work with companies to help them leverage these opportunities and outline a plan with their critical business and technology objectives.


  • Strategic Migration Planning

    We take a strategic approach to Windows migrations, focusing on the tools and technologies that will help you achieve your vision and gain a competitive advantage.

  • Fully Managed Infrastructure

    Mission Cloud’s roadmap is designed to help you leverage fully managed AWS infrastructure and services that reduce the cost and operational burden of managing Microsoft applications.

  • Productivity Solutions

    Mission Cloud helps businesses build solutions using Microsoft Windows on AWS Services such as Amazon WorkSpaces to increase efficiency and lower costs.

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Why Windows On AWS

Customers have been running Microsoft Workloads on AWS for over a decade. AWS runs nearly 2X more Windows Server instances than the next largest cloud provider, and enterprise customers using Amazon EC2 for Windows Server have grown 5X since 2015.

Windows on AWS Case Study

Ultivue, the leader in tissue biomarker identification and quantification assays for translational and pathology research labs, found its Microsoft Windows end user environment regularly experienced performance issues when accessing the company’s graphics-heavy applications running on AWS. As end users connected through a VPN tunnel, their IT team needed to enable quick and secure file access while keeping the environment simple to manage. Instead of deploying a remote desktop server solution, Mission implemented Amazon WorkSpaces with the objective of ensuring the solution would be cost effective while also providing the performance and power needs of the organization.


Increase Productivity With Solutions Using Microsoft Windows

In addition to helping businesses migrate their Microsoft Windows workloads to AWS, Mission helps businesses increase their productivity in areas such as security and accessibility by leveraging AWS services such as Amazon WorkSpaces. Additionally, Mission’s Managed Cloud team increases productivity by validating and ensuring best use of Microsoft licensing, deploying Amazon CloudWatch and AWS CloudTrail for native monitoring and logging and helping businesses update to the latest version of Microsoft Windows.


MicroSearch Corporation is a digital library services company that specializes in providing custom video and document search engine services for clients across the U.S. With the cost of supporting their 36 on-prem servers increasing, MicroSearch turned to Mission to help migrate their Microsoft Windows and Microsoft SQL workloads to AWS. After migration, Mission used Amazon WorkSpaces to ensure that MicroSearch employees, such as their Finance department, could access key resources such as QuickBooks.


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